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Setting Up A School “Work Space” On Your Child’s Computer with Firefox Browser

Setting Up A School “Work Space” On Your Child’s Computer with Firefox Browser

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This tutorial works off of a previous articles which show you how to set your child’s Default Browser to Firefox on a Windows 10 Computer (aka: Device). This tutorial walks you through setting up an easy workspace for your child’s computer, using the Firefox Browser.

Step 1: Allow your child’s school websites in the child’s account settings of your Microsoft Family account.

You can click here to login and manage your children’s accounts. You will also want to ensure you have allowed the Firefox Browser too. For more help, check out our article here, on how to set and adjust your child’s content restrictions in your Microsoft Family Account.

Step 2: Open Firefox

Step 3: Enter your child’s School Provided web address

You will need to do this and all of the following steps for each of your child’s school provided websites.

Step 4: Select the Star button on the Web Address bar

Step 5: Choose the Bookmark Toolbar as the Folder to save the bookmark in

Step 6: Repeat for each of your child’s school provided sites

Once a site has been added to the Bookmarks Toolbar, it will appear just above the web page window of the browser. (See the larger green box below pointing this out).

Step 7: Set one of your child’s school sites as the Browser Open Page

The browser will always open on this page once you complete this step. It’s a good idea to set the Open page to the most important School Provided site page, such as a portal login in which they may check for assignments or turn in homework.

  1. Go to the three lines menu bar in the upper right corner of the Firefox Browser window.
  2. Select Options from the menu

3. Select from the Home Page and New Windows dropdown: Custom URLs

4. Paste in, or enter in the Web Address of your child’s main school website.

5. You can set New Tabs dropdown to open in a Blank Page from the New Tabs Dropdown. This will remove the Firefox home page as the open page of new tabs.

Your child will now be able to easily find and switch between their school sites now with minimal effort from you.