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Getting Maximum Coverage on your WordPress Blog

Getting Maximum Coverage on your WordPress Blog

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How to set up social sharing and Publicizing with & Jetpack.

The first advice new authors get is usually to create an online presence before they show their work to a publisher. The best way to grow an audience online is to start with a blog and incorporate it into a social media strategy. If you’re using there are some extremely easy tools you can utilize to up your exposure game and increase your audience.

First, if you don’t have the app, get it here (Google play, iTunes store), this can be a useful tool for writers on the go. If you prefer to write your blogs on a PC instructions to come in my next update of this post. Sorry for the delay!

After you download the app and log in, you’re going to want to set up the Jetpack Pluggin. This has features under “Publicize” that allow you to link your social media sites to your blog posts so that every one of them will post automatically and you can share your blogs with all of your followers easily.

It also allows you to add sharing buttons on your blog so if a visitor likes what they read, they can share it easily.

To start;

>Scroll down under configuration and

Click the pluggins link.

You then want to search for the Jetpack Pluggin (see image below).

If it doesn’t show as active yet,

>Select Jetpack and install in in your WordPress.

After jetpack is all set up, you are going to want to set up your Social Site’s for Publicizing.

Under Configuration

>Select Sharing

>Then link up your social media sites to your blog.

Each of these selections will have you log in to the social media site to link up. That means you will need to allow Jetpack and WordPress access to your social profiles.

Now that your social sites are linked, all of your posts will automatically be shared on social media.


*Always set your post Status to Draft under post settings. Then click “publish now” when you’re ready to share your post with the world.

*Set a featured image for each post before you publish. The featured image will be shared with your post which will add more visual interest than your site logo or WordPress profile picture.

Add share buttons to make it easier for your site visitors to share with others

>Select Visit Admin under External

>Click on the Hamburger (three horizontal lines) menu in the upper left corner

>Navigate down to Settings and click it

>Then Navigate down to Sharing

>Follow the steps on this page to drag the available sharing buttons to the enabled share buttons location.

*Don’t go overboard, you want them to still look nice.

*You can adjust how they appear if you want to.

*Ignore the disable CSS and JS checkbox

What’s that?! You don’t what to share some of your blog post’s on your social site’s?

No problem! With minimal effort, you can select not to share certain post’s.

Here’s how to NOT share that blog post automatically:

Before you publish a post, if you decide you don’t want to share it on social media automatically, follow these instructions.

>From the app Select Visit Admin under External OR, If you’re still in the WordPress Admin menu:

>Select Post’s from the Hamburger menu

>Find the post you don’t want to share.

>Click edit

>From the 3 vertical dot menu on the right

>Select Jetpack

>Uncheck any and all sites you do not want to share the individual post on.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this tutorial on how to make the most of your WordPress blog. I hope it has been helpful, and I’ll be updating this again to include more details on how to access this information from your PC. Also if you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet me here


Photo Credit:Alejandro Escamill