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Manage Kid’s Content and Time on Amazon Fire

Manage Kid’s Content and Time on Amazon Fire

With school’s being out for the foreseeable future for many parents, ensuring our kids and ourselves aren’t falling into unhealthy screen time habits is imperative. Learn how to manage your kid’s content and time on amazon fire tablet.

If you are looking for our tutorial on how to manage your Child’s Content and Activity using Microsoft Family, click here. Below is a brief overview of the features of the Parental controls and how to set them up.

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Step One to manage kids time on amazon fire tablet:

Under Child Settings, begin by setting goals and time limits on your child’s tablet time. To do this, Select Set Daily Goals & Time Limits

Step Two:

Set a bedtime. This allows you to set hours in which the tablet cannot be used. You can set different bedtimes for weekends and weekdays. In fact you can change the goals and time limits up differently for weekdays and weekends if you choose to.

Step Three:

Set up daily goals. CAUTION: Some school provided online resources may not be available on the child’s profile even if you add and share the content, if you have the “Block Entertainment Content Until All Educational Goals Are Met” option selected. You may want to leave this box unchecked.

In this section you can set up goals for your child to complete. If you want to Block their ability to play games or other entertainment related activities until they have accomplished their goals you can select the “Block Entertainment Content Until All Educational Goals Are Met” option, but use caution as this may prohibit some learning resources.

Step Four:

For more ways to manage kid’s time on amazon fire tablet. Set up Screen Time limitations. You can begin by selecting a wholesale option that will limit the complete amount of screen time the child is able to use on a weekday or weekend.


You can limit specific activities, such as reducing web browsing time, app usage, etc.

Step Five to manage kids content on amazon fire :

Set up Age Filters. This filters out content that is inappropriate or unpopular for children in your child’s age group

Step Six:

Select Add Content then Select Share Content.

This allows you to share books, apps, games, movies, shows and more from your Amazon Profile to theirs. You can find this content in their Added For You section of their Home Screen.

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