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How do you center a div?

How do you center a div?

3 simple ways to center a div (or any element) using CSS

Let’s talk about a CSS skill that you will need time and time again: centering an element. At some point, you will need to center a div, a button, an image, a paragraph…the list is endless. So here are a few beginner-friendly ways to do that.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

#1: Centering a div with Margin : 0 auto;

In the code sample here, you can see I’ve added margin: 0 auto to the parent element. We are basically saying, “Hey, apply zero margin to the top and bottom of the element but let the super-smart browser calculate the margin for the right and left sides.” This is a really quick way to center an element. You can always adjust the margin for the top and bottom but you will come across and most likely use margin: 0 auto quite a bit.

#2: Centering a div with Flexbox

Don’t get me started on all the ways Flexbox is ahh-mazing. Just test it out for yourself! No really, go test it out… When centering an element with Flexbox, you’ll want to make sure the property display: Flex is on the parent container to indicate that we are creating a flex container. If you forget to add the display: flex property, it will not work. Next, we’ll add justify-content: center: and align-items: center to that same parent container. Justify-content: center will center the elements along the main axis (horizontally). While align-items: center will center the items along the cross axis (vertically). And that’s it! You have a centered element.

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#3: This might be the most beginner-friendly way to center an element: text-align: center.

While this will center text it will also center any inline-block or inline elements in that parent container. So if you add a text-align: center and the element is not moving check to see if it is display:block. And that’s three beginner friendly ways to center elements!

Feel free to fork and test out the code pen. Now go forth and center away….

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Photo by Helio Dilolwa on Unsplash