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Set Up School Websites On Amazon Fire

Your child’s school along with many other amazing resources are being provided for free right now. But setting them up on your child’s device is not always straightforward. Many of these materials have logins, or are hidden pages making them difficult to access behind parental controls. But do not fear! I can help you set up those school websites on your kids amazon fire tablet.

How To Use Google Search Engine: Top Tips!

Top Tips for Finding what you’re looking for with Google Search:

Let Auto-Complete Assist you: Notice how the text starts to finish your question for you? If you hold off on typing for a second you might find that there is already a search question exactly like yours. Using your mouse to click on that search result will sometimes give you a better result than finishing what you’re typing. Just make sure the request is for the same thing!

Use the Toolbar to Narrow your search: The bar at the top is also really helpful in narrowing down your results.