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Tech Support for Parents

This series of tech support posts and tutorials, guides and materials focused on helping parents thrust into the role of educational provider and entertainer. A lot of amazing resources are available right now, but accessing them isn’t always easy. All Mad Designs is here to help porivide tech support for parents.

Back to school must do’s to prepare for your kids remote learning.

Schooling your kids remotely is challenging, even if you weren’t also working and managing other life duties. The most challenging parts can often come from a poor set of tools, lack of time, or inability to monitor your kids nonstop (who has that kind of time really).

Luckily, there are some handy and free to use technologies out there that you can get set up for yourself and your kids. I’ve put together a list of tutorials and advice for getting a reign on all of the technologies you’re using, so you can spend more time on what matters.

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Browser’s, Search Engines, and Privacy

Get the basics of browsing down and understand the technology you use every day better. This article lays out exactly what Browsers and Search Engines are and how they work, along with what role your data plays into this, how it shapes your experiences online, what are cookies, interesting facts, and ways to protect your data better.

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