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Working in tech, or even just using tech can present different challenges for people trying to manage their mental health. This is my own little corner where I discuss my mental health obstacles, how I manage my own mental health, and tips and tricks you can try for managing your struggles.

10 Habits To Include Daily For Better Mental Health

For most of us that first step towards better mental health is usually the hardest. Because of this, I wanted to make a list of healthy habits that doesn’t feel overwhelming while still offering guidance that works. If you only pick up one habit from this list, it’s still a win. Remember, it’s always about progress over perfection. So even if you just read this article and nothing more today, then you took a positive, active step towards better mental health and that’s a win too.

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Working While Anxious

It’s my personal belief that a mental health disorder must be treated in a similar way that diabetes or autoimmune disorders are treated, by managing the symptoms. If you don’t have a mental health disorder, but you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress lately, these tips are sill helpful for you and they’re also just some really good habits to pick up.

Working in Tech presents a different set of challenges when you have an anxiety disorder, or even just for managing stress in general. It is far too easy to become overwhelmed, or to push ourselves past a breaking point, or simply pick up unhealthy habits that we will have to deal with down the road. Here are some basic things I do moment to moment to maintain a sense of stasis and wellness for myself and my family.

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