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  • Accessible Reusable React Component
    If you’re looking to build your React Apps with Accessibility features baked in, you’re in the right place. In this article, I outline how to create a generic component that …
  • Context vs Props in React
    Hey! Thanks for dropping in. This article focuses on the difference between React props and React Context. I’ll walk you through a, hopefully, familiar concept to teach you how to …
  • Array methods in React
    Hey and welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by. If you are looking to learn how to work with array methods beyond map in React such as filter(), sort(), or …
  • Test React UseState with Jest
    Hey, hello, hi thanks for stopping by! Want to learn how to test React UseState with Jest? Well, look no further. This article covers basic component testing, as well as …
  • WordPress in a React-Typescript Project
    Hey there, hope you’re well! If you’re interested in learning to develop seriously with WordPress and React you found the right article. The WordPress packages, and many other open source …
  • Accessible Toggle Buttons – Material UI
    If you have never worked with Material UI or with building Accessible React components, and want to get going fast, this guide is for you. In a similar article, I …
  • WTH is WAI-ARIA?
    Okay so you’re a developer and you keep hearing about the importance of accessibility in all stages of a product, from design to development. You’ve probably heard of aria attributes …


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